4 Determining Update Issues with Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky is the top preference among the entire protection provider Antivirus Solution. It acts against harmful and infectious attacks that may encrypt your personal data and cause to your system’s personal possessions. Moreover, it facilitates internet security and keeps your data unharmed. Both antivirus and internet security of this product are the most popular ones and worth spending for.

As we know, updates are must in this changing technological world. Likewise, we should update the antivirus product time to time for the smooth functioning of it. With the ever increasing options, the privilege of automatic updates is also there. You would require no intervention as it will update automatically with the latest version available so far. But most of its users claim that their product is not updating automatically. In this article, we are going to tell you the reason about this troubling issue and will suggest you the solutions against it.

But before that, you need to ensure that you are connected to internet and you have not blocked the antivirus product. Also, check whether your system has set with the correct date and time as they are needed for downloading the product. By setting the automatic updates in kaspersky as default, it will automatically connect to the server and download the latest updates. Now, follow the steps below to set kasperky for downloading automatic updates:

1. Go to the Kaspersky icon and double click on it.

2. Open Kaspersky Settings by clicking on the small Settings option present at the bottom right corner.

3. Click Additional to see various options present on the right side. Then click Update settings option at the right side to access Update settings page.

4. Select Download and install updates automatically here, and if then select the same to automatically download and install updates.

5. Then, click Set up updates run mode and set it to automatically and lastly click to save the changes.

If you get to face any technical error in between, contact the technical support team at Kaspersky Help Number UK @0808-238-7544 that will offer you instant support.

Facilitate Kaspersky automatic update even when running on battery power

When you are running on battery power on your device, the default setting of automatic update will not be applicable. This is the most common issue that many people claim they have confronted to. There may be a particular reason behind this. If you want to set your product to download and install the newest updates even when your device is running on battery power, then you have to follow the given instructions carefully:

1. Open your Kaspersky product and Click the Settings option present at the bottom right corner.

2. Click on the Performance to see a couple of settings related to your product performance.

3. Uncheck the option labeled Disable scheduled scan tasks available on the right side while running on battery power.

If you still getting disturbed by the issue then tell us at Kaspersky Contact Number UK, our technical support team will assist you with the best way possible.


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