2 Microsoft Office Installation Error 30125-4 or 30125-1011

Error codes 30125-4 or 30125-1011 are related to installation of Microsoft Office. These error occurs when antivirus software, Firewall or proxy setting prevent Office from installing. The best way to install the software without any error would be with the assistance of a technician to whom you can call on Microsoft Contact Number UK. We have merged up some common solutions for this problem in this article. Try them to start with installation of Office with the offline installer.

I.   Restart your computer and then again try to reinstall the Office software. Most of the problems get resolved after restarting.

II.  You can use Offline installer to install Office. It will help to bypass potential proxy, firewall, antivirus, or internet connection issues.

III.  Sometimes this problem occurs when you use wireless internet connection. Please try to use wired connection to the internet, and then plug your device in and after try to install the software again.

IV.   A limited network can be the cause of failed installation. In this case you can change the place of your device, for example: if you are installing it in your office take the device at your place. You can also try to connect with wireless hotspot and try installing again.

V.    Turn off the proxy setting in Microsoft Edges or Internet explorer and then install your Office software. If you are using any other browser then please go to their help section to find out how you can turn off the proxy setting of it.

Turn Off Proxy Settings of Microsoft Edges

  • Click Start button.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Network and Internet, at the bottom left click on Proxy.
  • In Automatic Proxy Setup, slide on and off to automatically detect settings or use setup scripts.
  • Next in Manual Proxy Setup, you can choose to use a proxy server.
  • Slide it to turn the proxy server on and then save it. And if was off by default then before you turned it on, slide it back to off once you are finished using it.

Turn of Proxy Setting of Internet Explorer

  • Open Internet Explorer and click Tools.
  • Go to Internet Options and click the Connection tab.
  • Then click the LAN setting button.
  • Under proxy settings, clear the option “Use a proxy server for your LAN”.
  • Click Apply.
  • Finally click Ok to save the changes.
  • Restart your computer.

VI.    Sometime antivirus halts the process of installation so please turn it off or uninstall it before you start installation. Once you successfully installed the software remember to turn the antivirus on or if you have uninstalled the antivirus then again install it.

VII.   You can even try to disable your Firewall and then try to install the software. This might remove the error and help you get Office installed in your device.

I hope that you are now enjoying your Office in your device. However, if there is any problem then you can consult an expert by dialing Microsoft Phone Number UK. Here you will find all the answers of your query.


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