3 Reasons of System Hang

Many people complain that after they installed the McAfee antivirus software in their device, they started experiencing system hang and freeze problem. But let me clear this to you that it is not the antivirus solution which is making your system slow but there are other factors which hang your PC often or make it perform extremely slow. There can be various reasons behind it, and if you want easy solution for this issue then dial McAfee Contact Number UK or otherwise look at following list of reasons:

1. Virus- A virus can seriously hamper the performance of your device and you have to take immediate action to remove virus. It is suggested that go for McAfee antivirus if you want a virus free system. Most viruses create a process which keeps running in the background and infects other files. If you know which virus is running in the background then you can manually end the process or kill the program from the task manager.

2.Unwanted Software- There are many software is your device that you hardly use or never use, but they consume the space of your computer and some of them might run in the background making your system work slow or freeze. So, it is better to remove such software from your device and that you can do using Window uninstaller.

3. Software’s Requirement- Many people neglect the fact that every software has its own system requirement, and if that requirement is not fulfilled then it will cause some or the other problem. McAfee too has its own requirement i.e. RAM, processor, hard disk etc. If your configuration is not supporting any application then that application will hang your system.

4. Driver Problem- Computer masters have analyzed that many problems with computer occur because of improper installation or un-installation of the driver. If you are also having driver related issue then uninstall your driver and then reinstall it with the latest version.

5. Antivirus Issue- It is not the antivirus itself which is causing this issue; actually you face system slow issue in case when you are having two antiviruses installed in your device at the same time or if you are using any out dated version of the software.

6. Hard Disk Problem- Never keep your hard disk completely choked, you need to have some free space in your hard disk. Hence, it is really important to always de-fragment your hard disk. For this click START button and go to ALL Programs, then click on Accessories. After that click on system tools and then select Defragmentation.

7. Application Hangs or Process Hangs- If a process or any application hangs your PC you get pop up to end it. Mostly when you choose to end now, the system takes too long to close the program. You can even restart your device to fix this issue. To get the permanent issue for this you might need a technician.

Hope now all clouds are clear, and you know why your PC keep hanging or freezing. Next time when you face the same issue you can solve it on your own but in case you are still having any doubt then you can contact us at McAfee Helpline Number UK .


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