6 System Working Really Slow Because of Norton Antivirus

Slow system performance is one of the most common issues that any antivirus user has to go through. This happens because antivirus consumes almost all the RAM your system has at the time of startup. The moment you start your device the antivirus starts scanning your device and looking for the infection. Apart from this, bad computer habits can also lead to slowness, for example if you use multiple programs at a time, browse the internet with multiple windows, use multiple security suits simultaneously and neglect system maintenance.

The similar thing happens with Norton users as well. No matter which version of Norton you are using, you might face the performance issue. Although, you can try some practices to avoid this issue.

  • Restart your computer
  • Use minimal programs load at the startup
  • Delete temporary and junk files
  • Avoid running multiple programs at a time
  • Remove unwanted browser plug-ins
  • Update your antivirus software regularly
  • Keep your Windows on regular update
  • Continuously keep fragmenting your hard disk

If you are practicing the above thing but still facing issue with your Norton antivirus then try the following methods for fixing the issue.

Solution 1: if you are having slow system performance at the time of startup process then use Norton’s Startup Manager feature to fix the problem. In Norton window, click on Performance and then go to Startup Manager, from there under Delay Start, select the program you want to delay and click apply and then click Close.

Solution 2: Use Norton file cleanup for removing temporary files from your browser and temporary files. Again open Norton product and go on Performance tab and there click on File cleanup. Once you are done with removing temporary files, click close. You can also clear your browsing data if you want for better performance. Learn more about it from Norton technical service providers on toll free help desk.

Solution 3: Uninstall any third security suite from your device. Open Control panel and look for any other antivirus program other than Norton from the list. Select the program and click Uninstall/Remove and then follow on screen instruction to complete the process and then restart your computer.

Solution 4: As you keep using your computer, your hard disk keep fragmented. Defragmenting it can definitely improve the performance of your computer. From Norton main window, double click on Performance tab and then click Optimize Disk and when defragmentation process gets complete, click Close.

If after all this, your system still behaves in the same sluggish manner than take help from Norton customer care service agents to find out the cause and the solution as only an expert could help you in that situation.


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