4 What To Do When Microsoft Office Documents Show Poor Text?

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Knowingly, Microsoft Office is regarded to be very helpful program but at times, it becomes a matter of concern. There might be various elements causing you difficulty while you are using it as a prime option. But it is not surprising that is generating some issues, issues can be arrived at any point of time. Whenever you get any technical issue with Microsoft set of programs, you can freely connect to the technical team available at Microsoft Helpline Number UK for instant guidance.

It is contingent that your Microsoft office is displayed with poor text. No need worry about this issue, as this blog descriptively informs you about the resolutions against it.

 Just Follow The Steps Below In A Right Way To Fix This Issue:

  • You can set the Clear Type Text Tuner Setting in order to fix this issue. What you need to do is to search for Clear Type and then choose for Adjust Clear Type Text. There, enable the Turn on Clear Type option, and then click Next and last select to Finish. This will resolve your confusion against poorly displayed text. If the situation still recurs, go further.
  • Then, Disable the Sub-Pixel Positioning Feature. Actually, sub pixel positioning feature proffers optimal spacing to the text.

You Can Disable It By Following The Steps Given Below:

  1. You need to open the File tab and then go for Options.
  2. There you find, Advanced, Click to open it.
  3. Then under the Display group, you have to clear the Use of sub pixel positioning feature to smooth fonts on screen option.
  4. At last, click OK.

If the issue still disturbs you, then move ahead to the option third.

  • If the above option doesn’t prove right, then re-enable the Use of sub pixel positioning feature to smooth fonts on screen setting. And then you must connect the technical support team as a last option. You just need to pick up your phone and dial at Microsoft Phone Number UK 0808-238-7544 and you will be supported for sure. The technical team will proposes out with hand to hand resolutions that easily fix your every issue.